“Yes, writing is hard — but not writing is harder.”

My name is Adam Pasulka and I'm a Brooklyn-based writer and Internet-ordained reverend. I'm passionate about crafting everything from Tweets to tomes — whether I'm bringing my perspective to a project or writing within an existing voice.

I’m a pro at social, video, OOH, print, TV, and web.

I’ve spent the last year working with Richard Kirshenbaum at NSG/SWAT on Goldman Sachs, Zeel, Baccarat, La Furtuna, EleVen by Venus Williams, Kaleidoscope CBD, and a THC conglomerate.

Other clients include OXO, Birchbox, 1 Hotels (Mother), and E-Trade (SS+K).

I’ve also toured on cruise ships with the Second City, entertaining drunk, sunburnt passengers.